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FOB was born first from the idea that Asian Americans are sort of a monolith, and I think I and other Asian Americans sensed this urgency amongst ourselves to exist as unique individuals not only within our cultures, but also between. If a brand could punctuate our identity, then we've succeeded.

Though this brand began on a San Francisco college campus, I wanted to stretch the essence of what it means to be Asian American into a global conversation. What better way to bring light to an Asian American phenomenon by sharing it everywhere you go.

- Jared Gaurano

FOB Logo.png

For the logo design, there had to something that was easily recognizable and readily accessible. To us, FOB is a term that is very synonymous to the Asian American experience. 


In addition, we felt that there had to be an element of character, hence, the two eyes on the "O". This character is expressionless and passé, analogous to the community's view on not being overtly existing but ever-present.

The final composition is simple, yet it conveys a long and complex history of what it means to be Asian American. 

- J

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